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Larger house

Diva Room:  There are 4 twins and it's own bathroom. 


THE GRANNY FLAT - This room is separate from the house and is perfect for those that like quiet. This room is available for those groups with 15 or more at an additional cost. Has 4 Twin beds and it's own bathroom.

SDSI Too Master Bedroom

Master BedRoom ... Beach theme bedroom.  This room has 5 twin beds. At SDSI Too


Paris Bedroom at Inn Too... This bedroom has 3 beds

The MASTER Bed Room:  Decorated in blues and greens. There are 5 twin beds and plenty of room-  Once you see it you'll understand why it's called the MASTER Bed Room!! Also, it has it's own bathroom with 2 sinks, a private toliet bathroom and a giant shower with 2 shower heads that can seriously fit more people in it then you'd want.

Master Bedroom Closet- sleeps 2, yes the closet is this big!