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Open Retreat Weekends & Day Crops


For those who don't have a large group of friends or want to meet new people this is the weekend for you!


Do you love San Diego Scrap Inn, but just don't have enough crafting friends to rent the whole place? We host Open Retreat Weekends! And there are several retreat groups that rent the house for public retreats, and they are always happy to add new people to their list of attendees.  Check out their websites, and choose a group to join.  You will be glad you did!


Open Retreat Weekends & Day Cropping:

We group your set of friends in your own bedroom and at tables together.  These "no-frills" retreats do not include meals.  Groups of friends easily accommodated and up to 22 can join in depending on space. 

2023 Open Retreat Weekends Are:

April 5-8    May 10-13     June 14-17    July 6-9     November 2-5      December 7-10

Day Crops may be added throughout the year so please keep checking our calendar!

See the registration form button to fill out your spot to attend!!

Thursday to Saturday Retreats are $175.00 and Thursday to Sunday Retreats are $185.00; Day Crops are $50.00